Gazco Vogue Midi

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The Gazco Vogue Midi gas stoves feature a cast iron door and top plate with refined curves and bevelled edges. For increased presence, Midline models are mounted on a matching log store base that can be used to house chopped logs to add to the woodburning aesthetic. Vogue Gas stoves feature a highly realistic log bed and a polished EchoFlame Black Glass lining that provides a stunning, multi-sided reflection of the flames. These cutting edge stoves provide an ample 4.7kW of heat at 84% efficienc and can be upgraded with a Programmable Thermostatic handset which allows you to pre-set the stove to provide heat at selected times or temperatures.


Heat Output: 1.6- 4.3kW
High Efficiency: Conventional Flue: 76% / Balanced Flue: 90.6%
Command Controls: Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice: Matt Black
Fuel Bed: Logs
Sizes Available: Midi & Midline

Vogue Midi (Conventional Flue) 639mm (h) 416mm (w) 367mm (d)

Vogue Midi (Balanced Flue) 639mm (h) 416mm (w) 348mm (d)
Vogue Midi Midline (Conventional Flue)791mm (h) 416mm (w) 367mm (d)
Vogue Midi Midline (Balanced Flue) 791mm (h) 416mm (w) 348mm (d)