Heta Scanline 520

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The Scan-Line 500 series is based on the steel models, available in 8 different versions. These are supplemented by versions with soapstone tops or complete soapstone cladding, and ceramic models in 42 colours, which can be freely combined. Available with and without a baking oven, in styles which can be freely combined, the Scan-Line 520 can be customised to be an ideal addition to any home. 


5kW nominal output
Large 3 litre ash pan

Available in soapstone top, complete soapstone cladding and ceramic models in 42 colours which can be freely combined
Available with and without a baking oven

The Scan-Line 520 is available in 3 additional styles:
Soapstone top panel
Soapstone top and side panels
Kaufmann ceramics

500mm (w) x 470mm (d) x 1090mm (h)