Rais Juno

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The Rais Juno offers supreme heat storage. Its 265kg mass includes 189kg of soapstone which makes the stove capable of accumulating enough heat during combustion to maintain heat emission throughout the night and still be at a temperature of 60°C next morning! To achieve this remarkable feat, the stove simply needs to be kept burning nice and hot until bedtime. When under fire, the stove combines convection with heat storage. Juno is a state-of-the-art and almost sculptural wood-burning stove with beautifully rounded, light natural stones standing in striking contrast to the fire and the shiny glass and steel. Slim and elegant, the JUNO has a stylish and clean-lined simplicity. It is available with rotary base offering an optimal view of the fire from any angle. JUNO can also be installed with direct air supply and is ideal for well insulated low-energy houses. Available in two heights, 120 and 160.


(W-D-H)External dimensions 470-1660 mm

Flue exit (diameter) 150 mm

Nominal output 4.6 kW

Min-max output 2-6 kW

WEIGHT 281 kg

Extra accumulation stone 107 kg
FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel


DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt: YES


FLUE SIZE: 150mm