Rais Q-Be

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The Q-BE features a one-piece right-angled glass pane which displays the fire in all its glory, the top half of the stove can be rotated to optimise your view of the fire from anywhere in the room. The swivel base is a standard feature. The exclusive RAIS “CleverAir” system employs a bimetallic strip to automatically regulate the fire. CleverAir results in the purest and most efficient combustion, saving the environment and saving money on fuel at the same time. Other features of this stove include an optional through-the–floor external air system and the option of 20kg of internally fitted heat stones to extend the heating period. In conclusion the Q-BE is a stove that offers first rate quality and top class environmental performance. The Q-Be is equipped with AirSystem which takes air from the outside. It is capable of heating an area of up to 120m². Available in Black, White, Nickel, and Mocha. Available with a Steel Frame Door or a Glass Door.

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