Termatech TT10S

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The 70 kg of soapstone is not only beautiful, but also has a unique heat storage function. The stone absorbs heat when the stove is in use, and slowly releases it to the room long after the flames have died down. In this way, the heat radiation seems softer and smoother. The amount of heat from the stove is the same; it is just spread over a longer period of time.


Nominal effect in kW: 6

Operating range in kW: 3-8

Efficiency %: 82

Heats m2: 30-140
Air connection kit
Fresh air connection possible: Yes

Convection stove: Yes

Airwash: Yes

Ashdrawer: Yes

Controlhandle: 1

Connection at the top or rear: Yes/Yes

Colour Black: Yes

Colour Grey: Yes

Warranty, years up to: 5